How to make Carrot Flowers?

Ideas for bento

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my website, Japanese Home Recipes! Here, you can get many tips to enjoy Japanese style home cooking!img_1072-1

Today, I will show you how to make carrot flowers. When you go to a Japanese traditional restaurant, your dish often has flower-shaped vegetables. Japanese word of flower can also mean “gorgeous”. Flower-shaped vegetables are not usually the main by itself but they do make your dish gorgeous. By sending flowers to you, the chefs tell you that you are special and important to them. Carrot flowers also can be used in bento too. I often made pickles with carrots flowers. If my bento can be a love letter to my husband, carrots flowers make my love letter much sweeter!


There are many ways to make carrot flowers but i think this is the easiest way to make pretty flowers. The problem is…it is difficult to explain this in English! 😥 If you can’t understand my rubbish English, please follow the photos! (I am sorry!) But do not worry, it should take less than 1 minute for 1 flower. Now, stop watching TV. You can’t change the American president today, but you can change your tomorrow’s bento in 10 minutes! Xx

Carrot Flowers


  • Carrot  1

 [How to make it]

  1. Remove the skin.
  2. Cut a carrot in 5mm round slices.
  3. Score the surface of the slice into 8 pieces. Bring the blade into 2mm depth.
  4. Cut off half of each parts scored.
  5. Cut notches in the edge to make flower-shape.

I hope you all will have a nice day!!! Thank you!!! xx

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