5 tips to have a sustainable bento life!




I made bento for my husband every morning. To Japanese wives, in fact, making bento for their husbands is not special. It is a natural way to show their love. If you are interested in why Japanese people loves bento so much, please check this article. I understand why people think it is tough work. Of course it is not easy for me either to wake up early every day, but still I enjoy making bento. So today I will tell you some tips of how to keep your motivation for your bento life.

  1. Find your favourite bento box.

I have some bento boxes and choose right one depending on the food inside. My favourite bento box is Japanese wooden bento box, magewappa. You can easily get one from Amazon. With wooden box, your rice will be still soft when it is cold. And it is also said that wooden box avoid your food from going bad. However wooden box is not good for watery foods so I often use Indian bento box. These bento boxes always make me excited and every night I can’t wait to wake up next morning to make bento!

  1. Use dinner wisely.

I often use dinner left for bento next morning. That never bothers my husband, because he can have gorgeous dinner for lunch! When you are tired or not sure to be able to wake up next morning, make big dinner. If it should not be cold, you can use microwavable bento box.

  1. Make jobisai


Jobisai is a Japanese word that means stored food. These days, in Japan, more people started to make foods for bento on the weekend. Jobisai should last about a week so you have to be a little careful to choose the menu. Some people make something with salt or vinegar like pickles, others make something with sugar or honey like sweet potatoes cooked with honey & lemon. Foods cooked salt, vinegar, sugar, or honey tend to last longer. Some people also make vegetables or seafood which are ready to eat and stored in a freezer.

With jobisai, it is easy to control your healthy diet because all of the foods for bento are perfectly prepared every morning.

  1. Cherry tomatoes and boiled broccoli.


The common technique most of Japanese people do is use cherry tomato & boiled broccoli. They are big and easy to prepare, also make your bento healthy & colorful. In fact, my mom made bento for my dad and me and my sister every morning when I was a child (she is still making bento for my dad!), but because I did not like broccoli she made so much efforts to make my bento box full! Your bento does not have to be gorgeous. When you feel tired, put boiled broccoli and some cherry tomatoes!

  1. Ask your partner/ children the answer

Bento is a love letter. Thinking about the menu, getting ingredients, waking up early…endlessly! Even if your bento is not perfect, your affection should be precious. You should get the answer from them. You might want a big hug or sweet kiss? I always ask my husband to tell me if he likes my bento that day. Sometimes he doesn’t like something. Sometimes he really loves something. Once he say he really like something, s__2736132I remember that and make it again. Looking for his favourite menu always makes me excited! Sometimes he does not finish his bento. Most of the time, in these case, he is sick, depressed, or just super busy. Bento can tell you a lot about your partner’s / children’s day. It is great communication tool.

Making your bento is not your duty. This is your choice. You should not expected anyone to make a sacrifice for you back because of this. Bento is one of the way to show your affection, but not an easy way to show your affection. That is why bento is special. I hope this article will help you to keep enjoying a lovely bento life!

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