Jobisai of this week!

These are jobisai of this week! If you do nor know what jobisai is please check 5 tips to have a sustainable bento life!


  • Fried Chinese cabbage with bonito
  • Carrot flower & radish  pickles
  • Sweet potato cake bolls
  • Fried kidney beans & shiitake
  • Vegetable chicken curry
  • Carrot & cucumber namul (Korean salad)
  • Sweet potato cooked with honey & lemon

The idea of jobisai makes my bento life a lot more easier and happier. Thinking of how to put these jobisai into the box always makes me excited! Whenever an idea comes up, I draw a picture of it so that in the morning I always know what I should do.

And this is my Husband’s bento today. Do you remember this magical keyword, “magowayasashii(grandchildren are kind)” ? If not please check Japanese definition of healthy food. Since they were little, Japanese people have been educated to have 7 factors (beans/ sesame/ seaweed/ vegetables/ fish/ mushroom/  potato) in your meal. This bento perfectly covers all the factors.


Making bento should be enjoyable. You do not have to strictly stick on this rule. But when you think about “healthy diet”, the magical keyword will be very useful.

Please stop avoiding bread or pasta. Of course you can have spaghetti for lunch! Just also have some from these factors too! I think here is a way you can enjoy foods & be healthy. I hope you will enjoy your lovely lunch! xx

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