Learn from Kayo-san’s bento

Ideas for bento


These days I found a Japanese woman on instagram who makes very impressive bento for her husband! She put short messages made of nori seaweed to her husband on bento every time. Some people really enjoy to make bento with messages in Japan, but her bento is really lovely and impressive. If you want to learn more about Japanese bento cuture then read The meaning of Japanese bento culture


Her name is Kayo. You can check her bento on her instagram account


In this bento she sent this message because she and her husband started to learn dance.

One night they had a argument and she made a message saying “I am sorry”

She also supports her husband with messages too. When her husband made a big decision, she send message saying “I am always your fan! ”

Sometimes she makes such funny messages too. In this bento she asked her husband to clean the window. I am sure it made her husband smile!


How to tell your love to someone is not only 1 way. Her bento is so amazing and unique. I am sure her husband is proud of Kayo and notices she is so special to him.

Even I am motivated about foods, I do not think I can do the same things every morning.  But I hope my husband notices how much I love him.

By finding your bento style, you will find a new relationship between you and your sweetheart!xx


*She allowed me to introduce her bento pitures on this webite. It does not mean you can use her photos too.

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