Chicken & Green beans Saute

Ideas for bento

Not only Asian food goes well with rice.


This is today’s bento. Usually Japanese food does not have basil but I love chicken saute with basil in bento!


The recipe is very simple.


  1. Cook green beans in boiling water for  a minute.
  2. Fry chicken and green beans on a pan and add some salt, black pepper and some basil leaves.


I usually spend 20 minutes to make bento every morning. So the recipes for bento should be simple. If you are looking for some easy recipes for bento, then please try it! xx

2 thoughts on “Chicken & Green beans Saute

  1. Hi Yukino, enjoy reading your delicious recipes.Ruth has high bloodpressure and we are going to eat more brown rice,they say it is 10 times healthier thanwhite rice.
    Do Japanese people who value their health eat brown rice???
    Thank you for your lovely easy to make recipes.


    1. Thank you for your comment. That sounds not nice. But do not worry my dad also had high blood pressure but my mom fixed it with her healthy foods.

      Well, let’s go back to your question. Yes, Japanese people think brown rice was very good to health and many people eat it. I think having brown rice is good idea. But in fact it is not very tasty. When I was a child my mom mix brown rice and white rice then it was easier to eat.

      I think when it comes to fix high blood pressure, what Japanese people do is reduce the amount of salt you take. And reduce weight. Of course brown rice is healthy but more people eat it because it is harder than white rice so that they have to chew many times. When you chew many times you will feel full quickly.

      About this topic,I imagine my mom also can help you a lot. So please feel free to ask them. I hope Ruth will get better.xx


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