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Japanese breakfast


I started to have Japanese breakfast again these days. In Japan, people think breakfast is very important to start your day. Before we get married, my husband were used to have nothing in the morning and he said Japanese breakfast was too big for him.


I love big Japanese breakfast, because it gives me a lot of energy for a day! I have been thinking of the way my husband also can enjoy breakfast and try many styles. and these days my husband started to like medium size Japanese breakfast.


Japanese breakfast should have miso soup, rice, and some more side dishes. The most common main is grilled salmon. Grilled salmon are also served with shredded cabbage. But salmon is a little expensive in the UK so I often use mackerel instead of salmon.


Western-Japanese breakfast


Also in Japan people love half-western Japanese breakfast too. It has a fried egg and sausage or something like that instead of grilled fish. My husband loves this style too.


I believe that big Japanese breakfast makes our bodies healthy. And enjoying breakfast is the key to start your wonderful day! xx

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