A varietiety of Udon Menu


Today I will introduce some udon menu for you. I am preparing to post these recipes too. If you are interested in how to make udon, please check my recipe.


[Kake Udon]

This is basic udon menu when Japanese people think about udon. Kake udon has hot soup and some ingredients (toppings like leek or grated ginger). This is also familiar menu made by our mom when you are sick. Because the soup is often made from dashi (Japanese traditional stock) you can drink this soup. This is eaten more in winter.


[Bukkake Udon]

Bukkake udon is also popular udon menu. It does not have soup but has sauce. In the restaurant, mostly you can choose hot one or cold one. If you choose hot one your noodles and sauce are hot, and if you choose cold one your noodles and sauce are cold. Because bukkake udon has a little but very strong sauce you should not drink it. (If you will do, I can not guarantee that you won’t have a heart attack!)

My favourite recipe is very simple. I will put some granted sesame, ginger(wasabi is also good!) and white radish, and pour some soy sauce and lemon juice(Cold one). That is absolutely good! This is eaten preferably in summer.


[Curry Udon]

Some restaurants serve Japanese curry on noodles, but most restaurants serve noodles with curry soup. I should tell that both styles are nice, but I prefer the one with curry soup. The recipe of curry soup is really simple; you just have to mix Japanese curry and kake udon soup. Of course you can drink it.



There are many other udon menu in Japan.When you have a chance to visit Japan, please try out traditional udon menu! xx


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