Maki-zushi for Setsubun 

Main, Rice, Seafood, Winter

Hi in my blog I have kept saying that Japanese people do not eat sushi every day, because sushi is a kind of special food even to them.

Setsubun, 2nd February is one of the important day for Japanese to hope their luck of the year. On the day, most of the sushi restaurant or even supermarket which sells sushi are very busy.

The kind of sushi they eat in setsubun is makizushi.  I made some this year.

Salmon, potato salad and avocado makizushi. So easy😊



  1. Set nori on the cooking foil or cooking sheet. They will help you to roll sushi easily.
  2. Put some vinegar rice on nori, and a bit of  wasabi and mayonnaise on it.
  3. Put potato salad, salmon, mushed avocado in a line on rice. It is better not to put them in a middle, but closer to the edge of start point to roll.
  4. Roll the sushi.
  5. If you cut your makizushi, put some water on the surface of your knife. So that your knife will move more smooth.


Please try this easy makizushi!xx

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