Ham Katsu

Main, pork


I made ham katsu this week. My husband had been curious about this unique Japanese food since he knew it from Japanese TV drama Shinya Shokudo. Of course, he loved it and it became his favourite menu for his bento.



To make Japanese stereotype ham katsu, there is only one key; do not choose expensive ham! Ham katsu was invented when Japanese people were poor after world war 2. Because ham was cheaper than meat, people started to make katsu with ham. Mothers at that time made so much efforts to make their family satisfied with cheap ingredients. Although many people love ham katsu with full of memories of their childhood, on the other hand, there are  still some elderly people who can not eat ham katsu because that reminds them their sad and poor past. Well, fortunately, the TV drama introduced ham katsu as a traditional food which was the symbol of the great relationship between brothers. If you have ham in your fridge, then you should try tonight!



  • Ham
  • Egg
  • Flour
  • Panko (Breadcrumb)
  • Mustard


  1. Cut the ham into your favourite size. If the ham is too thin, pile up and make it thick.
  2. Cover the ham with flour, put the ham into the egg and cover the ham with panko. Follow this order.
  3. Deep fry the ham in the oil (200 degrees). The ham is already cooked so just make sure the surface is very crispy.
  4. Serve ham katsu with thinly chopped cabbage and a teaspoon of mustard.



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