Bento of last week

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Hi, these were my husband’s bento I made last week




  • Sticky rice
  • German sausage
  • Stir fried beans sprout
  • Tamago yaki
  • Cut tomato




  • Sticky rice
  • Grilled mackerel
  • Ham katsu
  • Fukushin zuke pickles
  • Tomato & parmigiano cheese




  • BLT sandwich
  • Tuna mayo sandwich




  • Sticky rice
  • Stir fried vegetable & tofu & German sausage
  • Fukushin zuke pickles




  • Ketchup rice


What should I make this week??

2 thoughts on “Bento of last week

  1. If you know furikake then it I easier to explain. Yes I use some kind of furikake on rice. These days it became trend to use furikake to make it more beautiful.

    Mine is mazekomi one, not powder but real dried pieces and if you put some on sticky rice the it will get water from rice and become original pieces. The difference is that furikake powder is made to add flavour so you can use as much as you want. In the other hand, mazekomi is made to make plain rice completely different mixed rice like salmon and seaweed rice. What I use was from Japan centre in London and it has red plum pickles.
    Actually I use this in wrong way but it works. But you should know that with mazekomi you do not need so much staff because each small pieces seasoned a lot! (Ideally it should be melt in hot rice when you mix it!)

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