Mazekomi Rice

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Thank you for getting interested in the details of my bento, @dosirakbento. Dosirakbento, in his/her Blog, mentioned the powder I use on rice. So today I will show how to use this powder (mazekomi) in a right way.


First, I will explain what that powder is. The powder I use for the bento is mazekomi powder, which adds flavors to plain rice. What makes mazekomi powder special is it has real pieces of vegetables, pickles or etc (and there are a lot of variations). The dried pieces are already seasoned and becomes back to the original shape in the fresh hot sticky rice.

There is another type of powder called ‘furikake’ which adds flavor to rice but does not have real dried pieces so it does not matter if you use it for hot rice or cold rice. (Always tasty!)

The bland I always chose is ‘mishima’, which focus on people’s health and try to use real/original ingredients. You can get one from Japan centre in London. Please check. Although there are various choices, I always choose ‘ume na meshi’ (red plum pickles and hiroshima-na pickles mixed rice), which is my hudband’s favorite!


Please note that this product has fish powder inside. If you have an allergy or are vegetarian, make sure your choice is safe for you.

Then let’s see how to use this.




  • 2 tablespoon of mazekomi powder
  • 3 bowls of fresh sticky rice



  1. Put mazekomi powder into rice. Make sure rice is very hot.
  2. Mix mazekomi powder and rice a lot.
  3. Leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Ready to eat!



You can eat it straight, or making omusubi/onigiri is also nice!



Maybe you will notice that you need less powder compared to furikake because it is seasoned stronger (means salty). Be careful not to use too much mazekomi powder which is easy mistake to make for the first time!

And if you use mazekomi powder for bento, it is better to put some when rice is hot. Because you do not mix well in this way, it will take a bit longer for the dried pieces go back to original on sticky rice, but it doesn’t matter. When you open your bento in lunch time…your rice will be really tasty! Although it is worth noting that rice should be clold when you put the lid on your bento for the food safety.

Thank you for reading today too and enjoy your bento life!!xx

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