Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style)

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Thank you for visiting my website! I think that these days more people are interested in Japanese food. Teppanyaki is one of the growing Japanese food culture in overseas. Okonomiyaki is famous menu from teppanyaki so if you have visited Japan then you might have heard of this name.

In this website I already introduced how to make kansai style okonomiyaki. And today, I am going to show how to make another one, Hiroshima style okonomiyaki. Because I was born in Hiroshima, I know there is a huge discussion; which is original? People in Hiroshima really love their okonomiyaki and believe that Hiroshima style is real okonomiyaki. On the other hand, people in Kansai area believe that their style must be original and more popular. This is a kind of sad thing to say, but it is true that more people make kansai style at home. However, it does never mean Hiroshima style is less popular!

Are you going to try my recipe? Okay, then prepare 2 large frying pans. We usually use hot plate in Japan, but I imagine not so many people have one so I will show how to make Hiroshima style okonomiyaki with frying pans. If you have a large hot plate please use it so that it will be easier.

When it comes to the amount of ingredients, it completely depends on you. Okonomiyaki is very easy food to try. Please ask me anything if you have questions, but my advice is that do not care about details. It will not destroy the taste even if you make some mistakes. Please enjoy your cooking!


[Ingredients] 4 servings

  • Flour
  • Fish flake (ignore if you do not have any)
  • 6-8 stems of spring onion
  • 1 savoy cabbage
  • Bean sprout
  • 200g pork (ignore if you are vegetarian)
  • 4 egg noodles(udon is also nice!)
  • 4 eggs
  • Okonomiyaki sauce
  • 2 large frying pan (equipments)

(£1.5 per person)


  1. Make batter. Put some flour and water into a bowl and stir well. When it comes to how sticky it should be, please imagine when you make pancakes. If you make a few times, you will know your favourite sickness.
  2. Prepare vegetables. Wash bean sprout with cold water. Finely chop spring onion. and Thinly sliced Cabbage leaves.
  3.  Slice pork as thinly as you can. In Japan people use thinly sliced pork like bacon. If you lived in area where it is not available, you can cut into small pieces by yourself. In that case make sure the pork is enough cooked during cooking.
  4. Prepare the boiled water to cook egg noodles if your noodles are dry. I always choose dry one. If you can get real ramen noodles, please use that, because good okonomiyaki restaurants in Hiroshima they usually use ramen noodles. This is one of the important tips to make your okonomiyaki closer to perfect.S__3702796
  5. Heat one frying pan and pour 2 tablespoons of oil.
  6. When the oil spreads on the pan, then turn off the cooker. Dropped some batter on the frying pan and make bottom. Bottom should be quite thin, like crepe skins. When the heat of the pan is too high, it may be difficult to make the base thin.
  7. Turn on the cooker again, middle heat. Put fish flake, spring onion, cabbage, bean sprout and pork on the top.(follow this order).
  8. Pour some batter on the top. This will make small base when you turn over okonomiyaki. Leave them until the smoke will come out from the cabbage.(about 10 minutes.) S__3702803
  9. Be brave and turn over okonomiyaki. Because I am used to this process, I can easily turn over oknomiyaki on the same pan, but if you are not confident you can use another pan to turn over. Even if your okonomiyaki becomes a little messy in this process, it is not important so that you can fix this later. (You have to turn over okonomiyaki once more and next one is important!)
  10. Now, base should be the top and pork should be the bottom. Make sure your pork is enough cooked. Until then the volume will decrease to almost half. If not then you can help to cook cabbage by pushing the top.S__3702798
  11. Cook egg noodles for about 1 minutes. 1 minutes is enough because you will cook more on the pan.
  12. Heat another pan and pour 2 tablespoons of oil. Add cooked egg noodles on the pan.
  13. Move okonomiyaki on the egg noodles and leave it for a few minutes because the noodles will be steamed in the layers.
  14. Go back to the empty pan. Break an egg into the round shape on the pan.
  15. Move okonomiyaki on the egg as soon as you made round shape. Turn off the cooker.
  16. Carefully turn over okonomiiyaki. Hopefully your round egg hides all the mess you made earlier. Serve your okonomiyaki on a flat plate with your favourite topping. About sauce please check Okonomiyaki sauce.


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