Sauce Katsu Don

Main, pork, Rice

Hello, s__2727939


If you are a huge Japanese food fan, you must have heard the name of Katsu. If you have no idea what that is please read my page. If you already tried my Katsu recipe, I want you to know as well that there are various ways to enjoy katsu.


My English husband is a huge fan of Japanese food and we often enjoy cooking Japanese food. Introducing him Japanese food is always fun but he hasalready tried many so that these days he did not try new Japanese food.


When we decided to make katsu for dinner last time, of course he was happy to try ordinary katsu. But I thought this is a great opportunity to introduce him a variation of Japanese foods.



So today I will introduce you another way to have fun with katsu.

Katsu don is a very simple style and popular traditional food. Normally, katsu don has pork katsu on top of rice, but how katsu is cooked is different between certain areas.

In some area katsu cooked in egg, and in other areas katsu is simply set on rice with sauce. Although eggy katsu don is really good but this time I will introduce you easier one, sauce katsu don.

This is the great example to show my Yakiniku Sauce (Japanese BBQ Sauce) *(v) possible works really well. Please try once. I know you will repeat it later!



This time main purpose is introducing a new idea so please visit each page to check the recipe.



  1. Put some rice into a bowl.
  2. Add finely chopped cabbage on the top.
  3. Cut katsu into some pieces and put them on the top.
  4. Pour Yakiniku sauce on the top.


Please try this idea, and you will know this is the heaven!xxS__5906436

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