Travel to Tokyo – 3. The Butcher


3. The Butcher



I imagine that you are confused.


In Japan, you can find many butchers especially in small towns. But why butchers? Should you buy “Wagyu beef“? No! In the butchers, you can also buy freshly cooked small foods like croquettes. Because they use very good quality of meat, these small snacks are very popular in the local areas. Some people buy for dinner, and some people buy for snacks.


If you feel a little bit hungry during the trip, visit Japanese butchers to get perfect snacks for you. If you are curious Japanese croquettes, visit my recipe page.


This is Mince Cutlet, which is also popular food in butcher. In this butcher, they mixed pork mince and beef mince, which is a very common technique for Japanese people. Outside is very crispy and inside is very juicy.


Japanese word meaning butcher is “精肉店 (Seinikuten)”. Usually the shop has a open counter facing to the street so that you do not have to feel stressed to go through the doors. And there is a showcase which obviously can be seen from outside.

(Because these butchers had open counters, I did not take photos how these shops looked. If you are curious, search images of “精肉店 コロッケ” on Google.)


You might need a lot of effort to jump into the local shops, but do not worry. Japanese people love it, when foreign people try our culture! xx

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