Travel to Hiroshima – 1. Teppan yaki

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  1. Teppan yaki


Here we come!! This is our soul food, Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style). Maybe when you hear the word “Teppan yaki”, you might imagine a posh restaurant where chef shows you impressive performance actually in front of you. But here, Hiroshima, when people use this word, they mean okonomiyaki restaurant. I will be really upset, If you go to Hiroshima and come home without trying this amazing food!


Hiroshima is very interesting town. After atomic bomb destroyed the whole city, people worked so hard and built a new beautiful town. So the city was designed to be very convenient and efficient for visitors. Main functions of the city were gathered in the centre, and you can go almost anywhere with public transports.


My favourite restaurant is “弁兵衛 (Benbe)”, a small okonomiyaki restaurant chain which located in the very centre of Hiroshima. Compared to the old okonomiyaki restaurants, they have a range of options in their menu. So I am very confident that you can satisfied with them!

Here is their website where you can learned about them (which are written in English).


We ordered some sides.

And of course…


Oh no! This was too nice!


They are amazingly fresh and so fulfilling. I also recommend you to have the counter seats. There you can sea that chefs are beautifully cooking.


Staffs are very kind and happy to take care of you. We had a really good time.


By the way, there is my cousin’s Bar BBB Hiroshima near the restaurant.


Her bar is very unique because of its concept which focuses on Baseball. She has been a huge baseball fan and actually started her own bar to share her passion. Hiroshima has its baseball team called “Hiroshima Toyo Carp” which symbol is red carp. Unfortunately, she supports a different team called “Yomiuri Giants” which bases in Tokyo. Thus the bar always welcomes you whichever team you support as long as you love baseball or you wants to learn Japanese culture. She had lived in America for 5 years so that she is a good English speaker. Even if you are not interested in baseball, that will not bother her, just tell her you read this website!

The sign is a little bit confusing and you might be lost because there are many small bar around there. (I always get lost!) I recommend to print out the map and check how to get there beforehand.


I hope you will have an amazing night in Hiroshima!xx


If you are curious of oknomiyaki recipe please visit

Hiroshima style ⇒ Okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style)

Kansai style ⇒ Okonomiyaki(Kansai style)

2 thoughts on “Travel to Hiroshima – 1. Teppan yaki

  1. When I visited Hiroshima, it happened to be the day of a Carp game and they won, and the atmosphere turned reaLLy festive ^^
    That okonomiyaki Looked reaLLy pretty.


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