Travel to Tokushima – 1. Tokushima Ramen

Tokushima, travel

One remarkable thing I should explain about travelling in Japan is you can enjoy different local products or food in different regions. This is why many Japanese people travel just to try local food or for shopping. The common misunderstanding that Japan is full of robots or people rely on technology too much always makes me laugh, because the fact is almost opposite. The fact is people attach great importance to human service. People think it is much more valuable to try food in the real place or buy products in the town from which they are actually made.


So… what made me decide to visit Tokushima on this trip?


Although there are several reasons I love Tokushima, today, I will pick up one of the most famous local food I must mention first; TOKUSHIMA RAMEN.


When my English friends said “I love ramen”, I very much would like to say “Which one?” Maybe you think what the hell I mean, but I want you to understand there are so many different kinds of ramen produced by towns all over Japan. For example, Hiroshima produce two famous ramen styles; Hiroshima Tsukemen (dipping style), Onomichi Ramen (pork & soya sauce soup).


So what is Tokushima Ramen? Some people get shocked when they see one for the first time…do you wants to know why?


Tokushima Ramen

Raw egg, thick soup and seasoned pork instead of chachu (stewed pork). These elements make Tokushima Ramen so unique. Soup is made from thick pork stock, and you may even think it is too salty. This is why usually Tokushima Ramen is served with raw eggs so that soup becomes mild. Pork was seasoned with soya sauce flavour which adds even more salty taste. This heavily salted thick soup encourages you to order a bowl of rice which makes you feel this is the food to die for!


You can try the very best Tokushima Ramen in いのたに (Inotani) near JR Tokushima station. (It takes about 15 minutes by foot.)


If you are interested in, I recommend visiting there as early as possible because they close the restaurant when the soup is sold out. When you go inside, you need to buy tickets by machine. The staff are very friendly so you do not have to worry even if you can not read Japanese menu.

A bottle of water and cups are available on the table. Feel free to pour water by yourself. Some kinds of spice are prepared for you on the table as well so that you can enjoy different flavours in your bowl.



If you like thick pork soup, Tokushima Ramen is highly recommended. And I am always happy yo assist you to get there so please contact me below when you have any questions.

Although I am very confident that this ramen will make you impressed, I know just uniquely tasty ramen cannot convince you to spend a lot of money and precious time to visit Tokushima prefecture. So, I will show more things to do there in next post.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article!


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