Cheerful Salad With Sun-dried Tomato and Ponzu Dressing


First I would like to thank you all who read my last article: What is Ponzu? The reason I wrote that article was that it would be much easier for me (and of course, you too!) to say ponzu in a list of ingredients because I use ponzu in many dishes!  By doing so you will understand why each seasoning is important. For example, if i just listed the ingredients like following,

  • 3 tbs of soya sauce
  • 3 tbs of vinegar
  • a few drops of lemon juice

it would be difficult for you to imagine what types of flavour we are seeking for. Instead, from now, I will say

  • 6 tbs of ponzu

Then it will be much more efficient to illustrate the taste we are looking for.

Anyway, as you have guessed already (as it is indicated in the title) ponzu will the key seasoning for this salad. But do not be afraid. Even if you are not familiar to the term “pomzu” there is absolutely nothing to worry about. All you need to make ponzu is soya sauce, vinegar (any vinegar is fine. However, I prefer to use apple vinegar) and lemon juice! If you do not have lemon juice it maybe a bit too vinegary, then drop a bit of honey. A nit of honey make your ponzu less sharp.

This salad is quite fulfilling so that it will be useful in the night in which you come home late from school or work and do not want to cook. You can put any veggie in the salad, but make sure that it will be well-balanced. So here is the recipe.

[Ingredients] as a side 8 serving/ main 2 serving

  • 30g of sun-dried tomato
  • 6 tbs of ponzu
  • 2 big potatoes (if small, several)
  • A handful green beans
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 2-3 tomato
  • A handful beans sprout
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of blackpepper


  1. Cut veggies into the size you like.
  2. Cook potatoes and green beans in boiled water.
  3. Slice red onion thinly.
  4. Cut tomatoes into 2cm cubes.
  5. Chop sun-dried tomato into small pieces.
  6. Mix all ingredients with ponzu.
  7. Leave it in the fridge for an hour and serve!

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