Author. YUKINO

Thank you for visiting my website. I was born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1991. I  experienced as an assistant manager in a chain restaurant in japan.I left the company & Japan when I married to my English husband in 2016. I love cooking and creating new recipes.

My idea about diet is that all of the people should be able to have healthy foods regardless of their race or wealth. Sometimes I feel sad when people spend so much money for expensive Japanese foods. They all said “it is okay, because now we are having special healthy foods”. It sounds like they must buy expensive “premium healthy life tickets” if they want healthy lives. And Japanese food in the UK looks a kind of symbol of the advantage for the ticket holders. Does it mean only rich people can enjoy healthy foods?  I do not think so, healthy food should be for everybody!

Many misunderstandings about Japanese foods also made me sad. Do you really think that Japanese foods are healthy and costs a lot to make? Maybe it will cost a lot if you try to use special ingredients or stick on the way real Japanese food should be, but I want to stress this; having daily Japanese food does not have to be expensive, maybe it can even be cheaper than western food. And also not so many world famous Japanese foods are thought of as healthy among Japanese people. You still do not know healthy Japanese foods.

In my website,  I will show you how easy and cheap healthy diets are. You do not have to go to the expensive restaurants to enjoy Japanese foods. I do not have to struggle from getting fancy Asian vegetables you have never seen.I hope this website will help you to have healthier & happier life!xx