My pesto sauce actually worked!

Hello foodies! I am soooo excited because I baked sea bass with my pesto sauce and it was AMAZING😍😍😍 Look at that! It was just a perfection! All you have to do is marinate sea bass fillets with my pesto sauce for 30 minutes and bake them in the oven! Please try 💕

Chickpeas and Barley Broth *(v) possible

Hi guys! I suppose that many of you are planning summer parties this or next weekend! So today, I would like to share a wonderful recipe, Chickpeas and Barley Broth, which is useful to fulfil your guests. For vegetarian or began guests, ignore chicken and swap chicken stock with veg stock. The key to make lovely broth is making stock … Continue reading Chickpeas and Barley Broth *(v) possible