Mushi-dori Chiken Breast with Kotteri-tare Dressing



Prep Time: 30 mins

Cooking Time: 10 mins

Servings: 2 persons


For salad

  • 1 chicken breast, steamed, sliced
  • 1/4 cabbage or lettuce, shredded
  • 1/4 cucumber, thinly sliced
  • 1 tomatoes or a handful cherry tomatoes, sliced
  • Small handful coriander leaves, cut


For kotteri-tare dressing

  • 1/2  tspoon of grated garlic
  • 1 tspoon of grated ginger
  • 1/2 tbspoon of vinegar
  • 1 tbspoon of sesame oil
  • 2 tbspoon of soya sauce
  • A dash of chilli oil


[How to serve]

  1. Make dressing. Mix well all the ingredients in a small bowl.
  2. Beautifully place all ingredients except coriander leaves on a serving plate
  3. Pour the dressing on top.
  4. Toss the coriander leaves on top.

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