Salmon & a broccoli spaghetti with white creamy sauce


This is tonight’s dinner 🍴

Salmon was a present from some wonderful people.

This is super easy & healthy.

And I am sure my husband did not noticed I used Japanese fish stock.

I only used the stock, milk, salt, black pepper and a bit of soy sauce.

Butter? No! Double cream? No! Cheese? Stop being so complicated!

If you have some Japanese stock but do not know what you should make then do not be afraid to use it for western foods.

I am sure you can enjoy creating new recipes with that!xx

Learn from Kayo-san’s bento

Ideas for bento


These days I found a Japanese woman on instagram who makes very impressive bento for her husband! She put short messages made of nori seaweed to her husband on bento every time. Some people really enjoy to make bento with messages in Japan, but her bento is really lovely and impressive. If you want to learn more about Japanese bento cuture then read The meaning of Japanese bento culture


Her name is Kayo. You can check her bento on her instagram account


In this bento she sent this message because she and her husband started to learn dance.

One night they had a argument and she made a message saying “I am sorry”

She also supports her husband with messages too. When her husband made a big decision, she send message saying “I am always your fan! ”

Sometimes she makes such funny messages too. In this bento she asked her husband to clean the window. I am sure it made her husband smile!


How to tell your love to someone is not only 1 way. Her bento is so amazing and unique. I am sure her husband is proud of Kayo and notices she is so special to him.

Even I am motivated about foods, I do not think I can do the same things every morning.  But I hope my husband notices how much I love him.

By finding your bento style, you will find a new relationship between you and your sweetheart!xx


*She allowed me to introduce her bento pitures on this webite. It does not mean you can use her photos too.

Sushi Rice (Vinegar Rice)(V)

Main, Rice


I got fresh salmon from the market this week!s__2777090 I missed sushi quality salmon sooo much! Of course I made makizushi after that. Maybe it is called maki here? Maki means “rolled”. Makizushi is more common menu for home cooking. What you imagine, when it comes to sushi, is called nigari in Japan, which means “gripped”. Nigiri looks very simple and needs more techniques to make and at least Japanese people think this is beyond the level of home cooking. There are some more kinds of sushi but there is one common thing to all … vinegar rice! Since I came here I have tried so many sushi, and i noticed that when the sushi was disappointing often it had a problem with vinegar rice.


Even to Japanese people vinegar rice is really important and difficult to make. Making sushi for their guests is a little risky because  recipes of vinegar rice are different by families or areas. In the past, Osaka (in a middle part of Japan) was biggest business town and people live close to Osaka can easily get fresh fish. In these area, it is said that people did not use so much vinegar or salt. On the other hand, people live far from Osaka can’t have fresh fish so often because it took a few days to send fish to these area from Osaka. So in these area, people needed to use a lot of vinegar or salt to remove fishy smell.


My home town was closer to Osaka so I prefer mild vinegar rice. But in Tokyo, you can traditional sushi with very strong vinegar taste (“edomae-sushi”). Today’s my recipe is mild vinegar taste. Japanese people use rice vinegar for sushi, but I know not so many people has one here. If you already have one please use it, but if you do not have rice vinegar, you can use white wine vinegar, normal mild vinegar, or almost anything except balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar is too strong for sushi. After you read this, maybe you will be very surprised that you can actually make sushi tonight!


Sushi Rice (Vinegar Rice)



  • Rice 1 glass5206056650529
  • Vinegar 25ml
  • Salt 1/2 teaspoon
  • Sugar 1 tablespoon


[How to make it]

  1. Put washed rice into a pan and pour 1.2 glasses of water. Leave the rice into the water for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Cook the rice with strong heat until the water boils. After it boils turn the heat down and put a lid on the pan.
  3. After the bubbles disappear on the surface turn off the cooker and leave it for 10 minutes.
  4. Put vinegar, salt and sugar into a different pan and turn off the cooker when it starts to boil.
  5. Pour 4 into 3 and mix well. Remember to finish this process while the rice is hot.
  6. You can make your favourite sushi!


I hope all of you have a nice weekend!

Jobisai of this week!


These are jobisai of this week! If you do nor know what jobisai is please check 5 tips to have a sustainable bento life!


  • Fried Chinese cabbage with bonito
  • Carrot flower & radish  pickles
  • Sweet potato cake bolls
  • Fried kidney beans & shiitake
  • Vegetable chicken curry
  • Carrot & cucumber namul (Korean salad)
  • Sweet potato cooked with honey & lemon

The idea of jobisai makes my bento life a lot more easier and happier. Thinking of how to put these jobisai into the box always makes me excited! Whenever an idea comes up, I draw a picture of it so that in the morning I always know what I should do.

And this is my Husband’s bento today. Do you remember this magical keyword, “magowayasashii(grandchildren are kind)” ? If not please check Japanese definition of healthy food. Since they were little, Japanese people have been educated to have 7 factors (beans/ sesame/ seaweed/ vegetables/ fish/ mushroom/  potato) in your meal. This bento perfectly covers all the factors.


Making bento should be enjoyable. You do not have to strictly stick on this rule. But when you think about “healthy diet”, the magical keyword will be very useful.

Please stop avoiding bread or pasta. Of course you can have spaghetti for lunch! Just also have some from these factors too! I think here is a way you can enjoy foods & be healthy. I hope you will enjoy your lovely lunch! xx

5 tips to have a sustainable bento life!




I made bento for my husband every morning. To Japanese wives, in fact, making bento for their husbands is not special. It is a natural way to show their love. If you are interested in why Japanese people loves bento so much, please check this article. I understand why people think it is tough work. Of course it is not easy for me either to wake up early every day, but still I enjoy making bento. So today I will tell you some tips of how to keep your motivation for your bento life.

  1. Find your favourite bento box.

I have some bento boxes and choose right one depending on the food inside. My favourite bento box is Japanese wooden bento box, magewappa. You can easily get one from Amazon. With wooden box, your rice will be still soft when it is cold. And it is also said that wooden box avoid your food from going bad. However wooden box is not good for watery foods so I often use Indian bento box. These bento boxes always make me excited and every night I can’t wait to wake up next morning to make bento!

  1. Use dinner wisely.

I often use dinner left for bento next morning. That never bothers my husband, because he can have gorgeous dinner for lunch! When you are tired or not sure to be able to wake up next morning, make big dinner. If it should not be cold, you can use microwavable bento box.

  1. Make jobisai


Jobisai is a Japanese word that means stored food. These days, in Japan, more people started to make foods for bento on the weekend. Jobisai should last about a week so you have to be a little careful to choose the menu. Some people make something with salt or vinegar like pickles, others make something with sugar or honey like sweet potatoes cooked with honey & lemon. Foods cooked salt, vinegar, sugar, or honey tend to last longer. Some people also make vegetables or seafood which are ready to eat and stored in a freezer.

With jobisai, it is easy to control your healthy diet because all of the foods for bento are perfectly prepared every morning.

  1. Cherry tomatoes and boiled broccoli.


The common technique most of Japanese people do is use cherry tomato & boiled broccoli. They are big and easy to prepare, also make your bento healthy & colorful. In fact, my mom made bento for my dad and me and my sister every morning when I was a child (she is still making bento for my dad!), but because I did not like broccoli she made so much efforts to make my bento box full! Your bento does not have to be gorgeous. When you feel tired, put boiled broccoli and some cherry tomatoes!

  1. Ask your partner/ children the answer

Bento is a love letter. Thinking about the menu, getting ingredients, waking up early…endlessly! Even if your bento is not perfect, your affection should be precious. You should get the answer from them. You might want a big hug or sweet kiss? I always ask my husband to tell me if he likes my bento that day. Sometimes he doesn’t like something. Sometimes he really loves something. Once he say he really like something, s__2736132I remember that and make it again. Looking for his favourite menu always makes me excited! Sometimes he does not finish his bento. Most of the time, in these case, he is sick, depressed, or just super busy. Bento can tell you a lot about your partner’s / children’s day. It is great communication tool.

Making your bento is not your duty. This is your choice. You should not expected anyone to make a sacrifice for you back because of this. Bento is one of the way to show your affection, but not an easy way to show your affection. That is why bento is special. I hope this article will help you to keep enjoying a lovely bento life!

How to make Carrot Flowers?

Ideas for bento

Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my website, Japanese Home Recipes! Here, you can get many tips to enjoy Japanese style home cooking!img_1072-1

Today, I will show you how to make carrot flowers. When you go to a Japanese traditional restaurant, your dish often has flower-shaped vegetables. Japanese word of flower can also mean “gorgeous”. Flower-shaped vegetables are not usually the main by itself but they do make your dish gorgeous. By sending flowers to you, the chefs tell you that you are special and important to them. Carrot flowers also can be used in bento too. I often made pickles with carrots flowers. If my bento can be a love letter to my husband, carrots flowers make my love letter much sweeter!


There are many ways to make carrot flowers but i think this is the easiest way to make pretty flowers. The problem is…it is difficult to explain this in English! 😥 If you can’t understand my rubbish English, please follow the photos! (I am sorry!) But do not worry, it should take less than 1 minute for 1 flower. Now, stop watching TV. You can’t change the American president today, but you can change your tomorrow’s bento in 10 minutes! Xx

Carrot Flowers


  • Carrot  1

 [How to make it]

  1. Remove the skin.
  2. Cut a carrot in 5mm round slices.
  3. Score the surface of the slice into 8 pieces. Bring the blade into 2mm depth.
  4. Cut off half of each parts scored.
  5. Cut notches in the edge to make flower-shape.

I hope you all will have a nice day!!! Thank you!!! xx