Cucumber Asazuke Pickles

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Before I told you that I have started to have big Japanese breakfast these days. Because of this I also started to make asazuke pickles more often.

Pickles are essential foods to Japanese set meals. When you go to Japanese restaurants I am sure you will have Japanese pickles in your set menu. There are some kinds of Japanese pickles and each restaurant often serves their own homemade pickles. The picture is a Japanese set menu from a very traditional Japanese restaurant, Hanagokoro I used to work for in Hiroshima. Can you find a tiny pickles bowl next to the rice bowl?

Pickles can not be main in a big set menu but they are very important to Japanese people. Some people love to have them with rice, and others loves to have them with tea after they finish the meal like dessert. In fact Japanese small set menu is very simple; rice, miso soup and pickles. This perfect combination can satisfy all the Japanese people!!

If you try to make Japanese set meal, I think you should also try my asazuke pickles recipe. Asazuke pickles are very easy and simple to make but make your meal even better!

Asazuke Pickles




  • Cucmber 1
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 2 pieces of cut dried konbu seaweed
  • a bit of dried red chilli


[How to make it]

  1. Peal the cucumber skin and make 3 lines.
  2. Chop the cucumber 1-1.5cm thick.
  3. Cut konbu 0.5cm thick with kitchen scissors.
  4. Put the cucumber, salt, konbu and chilli into a plastic bag and shake it well.
  5. Leave it for 24 hours.s__3293190
  6. Before you serve the pickles you should wash the surface with water for a second, because it might be too salty.




By the way, this was my breakfast of yesterday morning. I could not stop having rice with my pickles! img_1488

If you have any questions, you can ask me here or on instagram, facebook and twitter. I hope you can like Japanese foods more with my asazuke pickles!xx

Jobisai of this week!


These are jobisai of this week! If you do nor know what jobisai is please check 5 tips to have a sustainable bento life!


  • Fried Chinese cabbage with bonito
  • Carrot flower & radish  pickles
  • Sweet potato cake bolls
  • Fried kidney beans & shiitake
  • Vegetable chicken curry
  • Carrot & cucumber namul (Korean salad)
  • Sweet potato cooked with honey & lemon

The idea of jobisai makes my bento life a lot more easier and happier. Thinking of how to put these jobisai into the box always makes me excited! Whenever an idea comes up, I draw a picture of it so that in the morning I always know what I should do.

And this is my Husband’s bento today. Do you remember this magical keyword, “magowayasashii(grandchildren are kind)” ? If not please check Japanese definition of healthy food. Since they were little, Japanese people have been educated to have 7 factors (beans/ sesame/ seaweed/ vegetables/ fish/ mushroom/  potato) in your meal. This bento perfectly covers all the factors.


Making bento should be enjoyable. You do not have to strictly stick on this rule. But when you think about “healthy diet”, the magical keyword will be very useful.

Please stop avoiding bread or pasta. Of course you can have spaghetti for lunch! Just also have some from these factors too! I think here is a way you can enjoy foods & be healthy. I hope you will enjoy your lovely lunch! xx